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ELEDONE is a design agency, specialized in 3D vizualisations and interior architecture.

And we love art too.


ELEDONE was founded in 2015 after more than 13 years' experience in interior architecture and design, with a touch of fine art...

We work at several stages for architects, designers, artists or anyone who needs help in interior design. From planning your house, office or shop and designing special furniture, to delivering a full HD 3D vizualisation of it and get it built.



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November 2017


Our fields of action are diverse but all oriented towards imagery for design, interior design, art and architecture. 

For the architects and designers

- All stages of interior design and furniture design (from concept to technical drawings)

- 3D vizualisations to submit your project in high quality to your clients

- 3D vizualisations of your projects, for high quality inserted views to win building permits

For the non professional customer

- Helping you planning and designing the interior of your new villa or your renovation project

- Drawing the detailed documents for construction

- Making 3D vizualisations of the new design

- Managing construction process -offer limited to St Barts clients

For the artists

- We can simulate any particular art installation to produce documents to submit to galleries or collectivities. This can help you share your idea and convince your audience that has not always the same vision as you have.


We are always looking for new challenges so please do not hesitate to contact us via this little form below.

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